GREETINGS FROM RIVERSIDE.  Welcome to our homestay.  We are Larry and Purita.  This is a very quiet, safe neighborhood called Canyon Crest, in Riverside, California.  Our house overlooks the downtown area and the University of California, Riverside (UCR).  Two world-class golf courses--the Victoria Club and Canyon Crest Country Club--are just down the hill.  Riverside is home to other distinguished colleges and universities, including Riverside Community College (RCC), California Baptist University (CBU), and La Sierra University (LSU).  All these fine schools offer excellent ESL programs.  UCR and LSU allow entrance to their intensive English courses without TOEFL scores!
Beamsley Southern California Homestay
POOL AND SPA.  As you may imagine, we spend a great deal of our leisure time in the back yard, where we enjoy gardening, barbecues, small parties, swimming, and soaking in the jacuzzi.  Several trees on the property produce fresh fruits throughout the year:  loquats, apples, guavas, plums, lemons, and peaches.  Although the summers are quite warm here, we enjoy low humidity, so the outdoor misting system produces a cool patio.  Larry is a UCLA graduate, holds a TESOL from UCR, and he also speaks some German, French, Spanish, and a little Japanese.  He is happy to assist you with whatever ESL homework you have.
THE BACK YARD.  Purita has become an amateur gardener, growing lots of plants and flowers on the property.  We try to plant things which bloom at different times of the year, so that we enjoy brilliant colors the year 'round.  Behind our home is Sycamore Canyon Park, a wildlife refuge full of coyotes, rabbits, and other small animals.  There are walking trails thoughout the park.  Purita is also a great cook, specializing in Asian dishes, and she keeps steamed rice on hand at all times.  A graduate of Rizal Memorial College, she is fluent in six languages.  Purita is available to assist you with your homework, too.
POOL PARTY.  Students in our home enjoy the use of the pool and spa at any time of the day or night.  Riverside is conveniently located just 45 minutes from Palm Springs, Los Angeles, ocean beaches, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, mountain hiking trails, and ski resorts; yet through the years our guests have spent a great deal of time at home, enjoying this comfortable life.
EVENING PLUNGE.  Night swimming is lots of fun, especially in a lighted and heated pool and spa.  With the sky full of stars, it makes for a very pleasurable evening.  We encourage our guests to invite their friends from time to time, and sometimes students from other local homes visit for a little "dip."
THE FAMILY ROOM.  We have enjoyed the company of many, many people over the years.  Some of them are teachers in their own countries.  Larry is also a teacher, and he likes to talk about education and education systems in other places.  He also enjoys helping students with their homework.  Larry works at a local school during the day and has also taught ESL classes.  The US Social Security Administration has an office in Riverside, and we can help you get your Social Security card, if you need one.  There are two local offices of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and if you desire, we can assist you to get a Driver's License.  We are happy to say that several of our students have passed their driving tests under our tutelage.  When your TOEFL scores are high enough, we can advise you on a choice of college or university in the area.
THE KITCHEN.  Our Riverside homestay includes all meals, utilities, and instructions in using our convenient public transportation system.  When we go to a restaurant for dinner, we always invite our students to come along, if they wish, and we pay for the meal.  Use of the laundry, television, radio, pool, and spa is included.  Every student enjoys fully furnished accommodations, including desk & chair, lamp, and plenty of drawer and closet space.  All the upstairs bedrooms have nice views out the windows.  We are happy to take you along whenever we go shopping or visiting our friends.  You may visit our church, if you like.
VACATION TIME.  We enjoy vacations, just like other folks.  Whenever possible, we invite our guests along.  This photo was taken at Yosemite National Park.. You can see Half Dome in the background and the Merced River waterfall in the distance.  Although this trip only lasted three days, it was very enjoyable.  Other excursions have been to San Diego,  Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Solvang, San Francisco,  Arizona, Santa Catalina Island, Las Vegas, and Vancouver (Canada).
GUESS WHO'S COMING FOR DINNER?  Sometimes the parents of our students decide to visit them to see if everything is OK.  They often ask for a photograph in our living room. When we have space, we allow family and other friends to visit overnight, without charge, and they are always welcome to join us for dinner.  They often invite us to visit their homes when we travel abroad, and sometimes we do just that!
If you have a favorite picture of yourself, taken in our home, send it or a .jpg photo attachment to an e-mail, and we'll try to add it to this site.  Feel free to write, call, or e-mail any time.  If you would like to stay in our home or with one of our neighbors, contact us as soon as possible.  We accept children, adults, and large groups.  We can arrange private or classroom ESL instruction, tours & excursions, and other transportation.  We can place you with families anywhere in San Diego, LA, or Orange Counties, too!
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We operate a personalized system here, placing students, teachers, doctors, business interns, and other visitors in homestays and programs that suit their individual needs.  A one-size-fits-all program just doesn't  work for most people, so we adjust things as needed.  We have homestay families from San Diego to San Fernando, virtually the entire southern half of California.  We personally know every family that we use, having visited them, checked out their neighborhoods (all SAFE upper-middle-class), and confirmed their willingness to welcome international visitors.  Everyone lives near bus stops or is willing to transport students there, although LA placements are more expensive than the suburbs like Riverside where we live.

Regarding ESL and related services: we offer a truly low-cost alternative to the big language schools.  Our tuition for private English tutoring or classes is a fraction of that charged by language centers, University Extensions, private schools, etc., and we do not surprise students with a lot of "extras" after they arrive.  Our fees always include a loaned textbook, binder, pencil, pen, even a tote bag to carry everything; and we don't require any special, overpriced insurance plan.

We offer English as a Foreign Language (EFL) seminars to overseas teachers for very low fees:  The big language schools have a several-week minimum requirement, but we can deliver high-quality teacher workshops, by experienced local ESL/EFL teachers for one, two, three weeks or more and include weekend side trips.

All of our families offer free internet access.

We also offer airport transfers and discount tours to all of the Southwest "hot spots" like Disneyland, LA/Hollywood, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Orange County beaches, San Diego's Sea World, Universal Studios, Palm Springs, discount shopping outlets, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, etc., etc., etc.

References from all around the world are available upon request.
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